IMG_2810The creative spark for this series of illustrations and creations began several years ago when my sister gifted a set of Guatemalan trouble dolls to one of my daughters. This act itself was inspired by the gift of trouble dolls our mother had given to us as children. Lee Lee, one of these dolls that belonged to my sister, lives on in legendary status in our family. My trouble doll illustrations and creations as well as the handmade dolls draw upon this inspiration, and are meant to spread a little joy in the world.

If you recently purchased a greeting card, trouble doll box or other item in the Trouble Doll series, I thank you!

Greeting Cards with less environmental impact and more purpose

If you are the recipient of a Trouble Doll series card, be sure thank the person who gifted it to you as not only did they give you a card, but they have also made an environmentally and socially conscious purchase in your name!

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100% Recycled | Local Printing | Donation made with every purchase
You will be pleased to know that the card and accompanying envelope you will be gifting are all made from 100% recycled content. The card itself was printed on 100% PCW recycled/FSC certified/Acid-Free paper that was manufactured with BioGas. Printing was done locally at Jakprints. In addition to delivering top quality printing, Jakprints promotes environmentally friendly printing and plants one tree for every order they receive. All of this was all deliberately chosen to ensure both the production of these cards and your purchase is worry-free, environmentally speaking.

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Each card in this series of watercolors celebrates my and my family’s love for these tiny folk art creations. You may be familiar with these popular dolls,  also known as “muñecas quitapenas,” or worry dolls. According to folk legend, when the owner of a trouble doll whispers their worrisome thoughts to their doll before bedtime and then places the doll under their pillow, as that person sleeps the trouble doll will relieve these thoughts and stresses by taking the troubles away during the night. This makes way for more happiness and joy!

The actual act of making trouble dolls is a wonderful stress reliever in and of itself. To make your own trouble dolls, collect scraps of fabric, colored floss and bits of wood or toothpicks and bring one to life!

Enjoy your Troubles!

{ New cards in this series will be released throughout the coming year. If you are interested in purchasing a card (or cards) please follow the links above. Available cards will have an active link }

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